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Savvy, professional expertise for every research project.

What do you need to know? If it requires quantitative online research, Glass can help. From building your project to providing precise support to ask the right questions, gather valuable data, and uncover relevant insights, we’ve got you.

Better customer insights, faster turnaround times, less cost, more confidence, and total transparency. Glass is how online market research should be.

Your project. Our support.

Get the flexible support you need

Expand your capacity. Our team can answer questions, execute part of your project, or run it from start to finish.

Work with industry veterans, anytime

Access our experienced researchers when you need them, no matter the size of your company or your project.

Experience personalized attention

Get unrivalled consultation from our directors, thanks to our automated platform and streamlined processes.

Supercharge your research.

Glass has everything you need to uncover insights, faster. Get the flexibility of a robust research technology platform and expert guidance from a strategic account director. Our research team uses the platform to deliver high-quality insights with incredible agility, so we can put more focus on meaningful analysis while eliminating cumbersome, wasteful steps that are so common in the traditional agency model.


Flexible Support Approach

Whether full-service, hybrid, or DIY, your strategic account director is available to help define the right approach to your business question and give you the exact level of partnership you need.

  • Chat with your account director at any time, no matter which level of support you choose.

  • Get instant pricing for hybrid and full-service projects directly in the platform.

  • Adjust your project’s parameters to meet your budget and your deadlines.


Streamlined Processes

Through in-platform collaboration and access to all your template questions and historical studies, your research director will spend less time on questionnaire development and more time on analysis.

  • Historical questionnaires and data allow our team to provide swift expertise.

  • Collaborate directly with our team inside the Glass platform.

  • Export your survey into Word for easy sharing and approval with your team.


Automated Fielding and QA

Glass saves time and money through automated fielding and quality assurance measures. You and your account director will spend less time in-field and managing panels, moving your projects forward faster.

  • Take advantage of automated outreach to over 100mm vetted respondents.

  • Get a real-time view of all your full-service and DIY studies at any time.

  • Receive instant, high-quality survey responses through Glass' QA system.


Expedited Analysis

Tables and banners are created automatically inside Glass before the field closes. We don't have to wait on 3rd parties to pull reports, saving time and money while giving your clearer, faster insights.

  • Access data tables instantly in the Glass platform.

  • Save custom table views and reports for easy future access.

  • Reference previous studies to compare results and gain insights over time.

Built by researchers, for researchers.

If you need to run research, but don’t have the time or capacity to do so just alert your Account Director.  Every Account Director is a seasoned researcher – and happy to support as much or as little of the process as you need.

Choose the precise support you need.

You determine exactly where we step in. No matter how you choose to partner with us, you’ll get professional knowledge and expertise to help you discover actionable insights.

DIY Plus Guidance

If DIY is your preferred approach, the Glass platform has the features and transparency to keep your project working well. And the Glass team is always available to answer questions and offer strategy, so you’re never really flying solo.

The Hybrid Approach

Need help with some of the work, but not all? Glass experts will provide a tailored level of partnership that frees you to use the research platform and get the council you need for strategy, design and execution, analysis, and reporting.

End-to-End Support

For a truly full-service experience, Glass will handle your project from beginning to end. We’ll consult with you and then plan, write, deploy, analyze, and deliver a beautiful and strategic report that makes your data—and you—look good.

From quick-hit surveys to long-term insights.

Whether it’s an urgent survey need or their most complicated quantitative study, amazing brands partner with Glass for clearly better research.

  • Idea & Concept Testing

  • Price Sensitivity Studies

  • Ad & Message Testing

  • Brand Health & Equity Tracking

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Attitude & Usage Studies

  • Package & Shelf Testing

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