Don't guess. Know.

When it comes to your business, there’s no guessing allowed. Confident decisions come from well-structured research and trustworthy insights, when and how you need them. Glass gives you the technology and tools to do just that. In a few hours, you can answer your most pressing questions from the people who matter most—your customers and prospective buyers.

Magnify your insights.

Transparent Costs

Use Glass without a subscription and get instant quotes inside the platform for surveys and any additional services you might need.

Extensive Reach

Accurately target a variety of relevant audiences, including B2B, B2C, and local and global populations across our network of over 100 million respondents.

Robust Functionality

Save time with advanced display logic, pre-built templates, and cross-team collaboration you can access in an easy-to-understand interface.

Unparalleled Partnership

Work with our research experts when you need them. You can get advice and support, or you can fully transition your project to our team at any time.

Nothing hidden. No surprises.

Every Glass project is transparent and flexible from start to finish – no hidden pricing or frustrating subscriptions. You set the details of your project, and we give instant quotes, right inside the platform. You’re seeking information and we want you to have it.

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DIY you'll actually want to do.

Research what you need quickly and easily with our user-friendly platform. And if you ever want additional support, our expert team is always available.


Create a project

Create your project in our proprietary research platform. You can start from scratch, use a Glass template, or reuse your own template from a previous study.


Define an audience

Set up your demographic targets and screening questions. You have access to a global audience of 100M+ people, and Glass handles all redirects and deployment.


Collaborate with a team

Edit, comment, and suggest right in the Glass platform. You can collaborate with your team, with strategic account directors, or both. Then export directly into Word.


Test and launch

Ensure your survey is designed for your audience by testing the survey’s logic and requesting test responses. Then launch your study to your target audience.


Review, analyze, and share

Once your study finishes, you can easily view results in the platform or use our customizable report exports. Every study you do becomes a reusable template. Data is kept forever, so you can always track previous results.

Extra experience when you need it.

If you need to run research, but don’t have the time or capacity to do so just alert your Account Director.  Every Account Director is a seasoned researcher – and happy to support as much or as little of the process as you need.

See Glass in action.

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Clear, time-saving features.

Comprehensive Question Types

Easily set up all the question types you need, including image, video, and pricing.

Interactive Quote Tool

Get instant, transparent access to pricing for DIY surveys, professional services, and advanced analysis.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate and integrate feedback quickly and easily with in-platform commenting and a task system.

Powerful Banner Creation

Analyze and derive insights with ease with instant stat-tested tables and analysis tools.

In-Field Updates

Stay on top of your project with email updates and transparent access to all your study KPIs.

Insights Hub

Access questionnaires, deliverables, and notes. All are stored in Glass and are available to your entire team, forever.

Research for everyone: from Fortune 100 companies to local small businesses

“That partnership allows me to do more projects in less time. It also expands my thinking. Working with Glass makes me smarter and it makes me look smarter – makes the results better.”

Insights Leader, Major Cleaning Brand